I now exist not as a person who has 'some really interesting thoughts' about "Between the World and Me" but only as a person who has read “Between the World and Me” and is happy he did.
Living in Colorado is everything I'd ever hoped for, as long as you don't count the gun violence.
In season 3 of Master of None, Aziz Ansari steps back. Lena Waithe and Naomi Ackie step up. And a big, wry dramedy turns inward.
Jhumpa Lahiri and Aziz Ansari’s latest projects stunningly transcend their signature styles.
Allegories communicate by way of symbols. If we knew how to read them, we'd know we're in big trouble.
Fitz wrote an article about nonalcoholic beer. Then, millennials got mad.
Thoughts on Cancel Culture, Call of Duty, Cosmo Kramer, and Cosmic Evil.
Religion, neuroscience, and the search for meaning
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